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Evangelion 20th Anniversary by bcnyArt
Evangelion 20th Anniversary

The first time I knew Eva when I read a manga magazine, I was around 15.  I was immediately fascinated to the story and character designs. I remember I spent my savings for getting its animation vcds and watched it again and again. For now, Eva is still being one of my favorite anime, I had so many memories with it. Thank you, and congrats for the 20th anniversary. 

You could see the painting processes of this illustration from my Twitch channel:

P.s. The words on the top means "The Angel doesn't come." Because the date June 22, 2015 was the day that the third Angel came to Tokyo-3 in Evangelion. 
Therefore in the real day, many of my friends were making jokes about it that "where the Angel is right now?" "Where it doesn't come!?"

Exorcist Teacher volume4 cover: Dog Monster by bcnyArt
Exorcist Teacher volume4 cover: Dog Monster
This is the forth episode of the Exorcist Teacher which had published by Spring publications.

Comparing to the previous episodes, I used bright and vibrant colors for this illustration due to the difference of subject matter and its environment. I had a lots of fun drawing the dog monster, I haven’t got many chances to draw something like this.

Hopefully you enjoy this work!
Evangelion - WIP by bcnyArt
Evangelion - WIP

WIP, I will keep drawing after wake up, maybe :p. I had streamed the drawing process of this illustration from the beginning, if you're interested, welcome watch:

Also I appreciate if you could follow my channel!

, 睡醒有機會繼續畫>: |
這張從頭到尾都有實況喔~有興趣的朋友可以來這邊看影片(雖然這個影片很有機會從頭被靜音到尾xD 一直都在放EVA的音樂):

The Spirit of Flower by bcnyArt
The Spirit of Flower
"When she is coming, spring is coming."
Hopefully you like this work! 

I had experienced so many things during the process of painting this work, which including the graduation, the visual thesis exhibition and other two exhibitions in New York, and the last but not least, my computer had crashed, I had to rescue my files... I couldn't find the original psd file of it. Fortunately I got the original size of it, although it was several progresses before, I could continually painted it with high resolution. 

Welcome to visit my facebook page: 
11038480 962867133732136 7409147201325032178 O by bcnyArt
Hello, there is an exhibition “
One World, Different Strokes Illustration Group Exhibition” which hosted by The Taipei Economic And Cultural Office In New York, May 16th to May 28th. I will be one of the exhibitors of the exhibition! 

The further information please visit the page: 
Facebook link

If you’d like to come to our art opening on May 16th, please register on Google doc. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there! Link


bcnyArt's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hi, my name is Han-Yuan, Yu, you can also call me B.c.N.y.

I’m a freelance illustrator from Taiwan who is currently pursuing an MFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. My favorite subject is beautiful girls in aboriginal costumes. I want to create compelling illustrations by using brilliant colors, interesting compositions, and dynamic gestures. Also, my work focuses on storytelling; I want my audience to enjoy my work on a deeper level and to discover meanings beneath the beautiful exterior. I’m influenced by anime, classical painting, and Chinese culture, but I try not to limit myself when drawing. I’d like to share my drawing experience by teaching students. My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. I hope my artwork can share my happiness.
Dear friends, this is Han-Yuan, Yu (B.c.N.y.). I have a glad information to share. 

It is my honor that I’m a featured artist as well as the cover artist for IMAGINE FX Magazine April 2014 which title is “Magic Manga”. This is the first time that Taiwanese artist be a cover artist. I appreciated I could share my works at an international stage. Furthermore, allow Taiwan culture has an opportunity to be displayed on world-wide cultural platform.

The introduction on cover said: “Paint art that pops, with fresh art skills from Taiwan's Han-Yuan Yu!” and in the official website said: “Han-Yuan Yu leads the charge. Our cover artist put a distinctive spin on his trademark manga, adding aboriginal costumes to create an indelible image. And he shows you how he did it in an in-depth five-page workshop. 

This is another encouragement and improvement for my ability and art after I had been introduced on ImagineFX march 2014. In this issue, I did a workshop about the cover illustration and a drawing process video inside the CD. Hope you can find it useful and like it.

Recently I can feel chilly and snow even I don’t open windows in New York. My artworks are sequentially invited to be exhibited in Morocco International Festival of Animated Film-CASANIM / Digit'Art exhibition, Franch, Japan, New York and Los angles. I review my heart about drawing, I feel I never losing my passion of drawing. Creating is always the resource of happiness. I sit in front of window, the warm spark is flared inside myself because of your encouragement and supporting.

The link below is ImagineFX link:
Hope you can go there and give a Like as an encouragement.

If you’d like to have a copy of this issue, please visit the offical link below:

My facebook fan page:

親愛的朋友們, 我是Han-Yuan, Yu (B.c.N.y.), 懷著欣喜的心情, 2/25預告的「美好事情」今天即將正式揭開謎底。

有幸成為國際知名繪畫雜誌ImagineFX 2014出刊的4月號, 第107期漫畫特刊”Magic Manga”的封面畫家, 這是台灣人首次擔任ImagineFX的封面插畫繪製. 深感榮幸藉此在國際繪畫的舞台, 展現我的作品. 同時, 讓台灣有機會進入國際文化平台.

ImagineFX 2014年4月號封面介紹「由Han-Yuan領銜, 我們的封面藝術家以他極具特色的描繪手法展現在他獨特的漫畫風格上, 增加了原住民風格的服裝與飾品去創作出難以忘懷的畫作. 同時他也在五頁的workshop裡深度地展示了他是如何描繪出這幅作品.」

這是我繼初次躍登ImagineFX出刊的2014年3月號後, 給予自己再次的能力肯定.雜誌內有我所撰寫的workshop, 以及雜誌封面的光碟作畫影片, 期待閱覽的你們, 學習有所助益, 創作相互激勵, 希望大家會喜歡.

今天紐約的雪花即使不開窗, 也能領略威力十足的寒意. 作品相繼受邀於摩洛哥Morocco International Festival of Animated Film-CASANIM / Digit'Art exhibition、法國、日本、紐約、舊金山畫廊展出後, 幾度審視自己的心情, 對於藝術的熱情不曾稍減, 創作的展現始終是我的快樂. 我坐在窗前, 心中綻放著小小的花火, 溫柔的暖意來自所有鼓勵與支持的你們.

給持續熱情關心我的你們, 前去按一個鼓勵的「讚」.

如果有朋友想要購買這一期的雜誌, 請前往以下官方連結:


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